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We are proud to become a Google Partner

We are proud to become a Google Partner

Since launching in 2015 Gravity Digital employs seven people, has won four awards and works with clients in almost every region in the UK.

We are now really proud to announce that we have been awarded Google Partner status.  Achieving Partner status means that we have been able to demonstrate Google Ads skills and expertise, met the Google ad spending requirements across a portfolio of managed clients, delivered client revenue growth, and sustained growth.

Andy Smith, Director of Gravity Digital explains; “We have always been recognised for providing our customers with an unrivalled service when managing their Google Ads accounts and with this accreditation we can continue to drive targeted groups of customers to websites through Pay Per Click (PPC) activity to complement our search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

“We work closely with our clients, and this certification means that we are also considered by Google to be trusted and knowledgeable when it comes to raising the profile of a website.”

Working within the internet industry, so many things change on a regular basis and keeping up with the latest developments, algorithm changes and advances in technology is in Gravity Digital’s DNA!

Early last year we put Google Ads account management skills to work for our chosen charity, Just for Dogs, and successfully managed to obtain a $10,000 per month grant from Google.

Creating Google search adverts that specifically target people in Derby, Leicester, Staffordshire and Nottingham, Gravity has significantly increased traffic to the Just for Dogs website. The number of enquiries into the charity has shot up as a result, which is a huge boost to this small local charity.

Margaret Smith, owner of Just for Dogs explained what the increased online activity has meant to the charity; “We are a very small charity and every dog that is adopted makes such a big difference for us. But more important is the effort that goes into attracting volunteers, donations and keeping the rescue centre going.

“Since launching the website and the AdWords campaign, with the grant that Gravity obtained from Google on our behalf, we have been overwhelmed with people getting in touch. Our increased and targeted digital presence has changed the whole organisation – now we have started to think ‘digital first’ in just about all of our promotional activity.”

If you want to get more customers, and want more traffic to your website, then please contact us either by phone or email [email protected] and the team will be happy to talk further and show lots of examples and case studies.

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We are a no-nonsense digital marketing agency based in Derby. To learn more about how we can help you get results from your marketing, then get in touch. Please email us on [email protected] or give us a call on 01332 416555.

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How to make the most of your Facebook page

How to make the most of your Facebook page

A Facebook page is a good way to promote your business, especially if your customers are consumers or you have a venue that members of the public can visit. Not only will it help online users to find you and learn a bit more about what you do, but it will also boost your SEO if you link your Facebook posts to your website. You can interact with people who liked your page, and message them directly, create events, discussions group, and promote products, services and offers.

Managing your Facebook page

First of all, keep your page up to date. Your Facebook business page is part of the online profile of your company. Make sure your website, address and phone number appears, and that your primary sales messages or mission are clearly laid out. We recommend that you to post out regularly in order to keep your audience interested. A post with an image is always more eye-catching than one without and statistical studies have shown that posts with images entice more engagement and feedback from the social audience, making it a smart thing to do. In order to make your time management a bit easier, we would recommend you write at least a week’s worth of posts in advance and schedule them on your page so that you don’t have to sit there and think of something to say every day, interrupting what you normally would be doing with your time. It is possible to schedule posts within Facebook, just select the ‘schedule’ option in the drop down menu next to the publish button to select a time and a date for publish. If you are posting a couple of posts a day you will find that you can easily schedule a week or two’s worth of posts in an hour.

Interacting with customers on Facebook

Alongside this ‘broadcast messaging’, you should always check if you have messages or comments that need a reply. The operative word in the phrase ‘social media’ is ‘social’; you should talk and respond to people and not just keep pounding away broadcasting your sales messages whilst ignoring customer responses.

Consistently ignoring inbound messages from customers will negatively affect your reputation. It also means that if all messages are ignored, the audience will be led to believe that the page is unmanned and so are more likely to leave negative comments and reviews. So facing up to customer comments – both the good and the bad – is actually a great way of avoiding other negativity. Showing that the page is monitored and that you are prepared to talk with and answer questions makes a good proportion of nay-sayers think twice before letting loose on their keyboard.

Make sure to reply to every comment left on your page within the same day. Customers like to be heard and considered. Be as friendly as possible and like and share nice messages, you would want other people to do the same for you, especially when messages on your timeline are public.

On average, 15 minutes spent twice a day should be enough for you to keep on top of an average sized company timeline or one in the B2B arena. A tip is to set up the Facebook Pages app on your phone to be notified of messages – sometimes a question can be answered quickly from your phone. If you weave in a couple of short sessions to your regular working day each day, you will find that you stay on top of it.

Obviously if you are running a large consumer facing brand, you will need to invest more time as it is likely you will be receiving more customer service enquiries via your page. And the more followers you have, the more likely it is that you will see interactions on your page and so you need to size up your time investment as your following on this channel grows.

You can set up the instant replies tool for Facebook Messenger, which is where private messages left for the page are found. If your page is not continuously manned instant replies are a good way of letting people know that you will respond soon. This function can be found in the settings tab of your page, under “Messaging”.

Getting more likes and follows?

The key to attracting likes and followers is in interacting with your audience as much as possible and posting regularly. It is easy for customer to tune out of a page that only seems to broadcast sales messages without talking back. Some brands have managed to create a really friendly online persona through their Facebook pages, and the aim is to make an online environment where your customers like to ‘hang out’.

Already mentioned is the Facebook Pages manager app that you can download onto your phone or computer. Apps like this help you to manage your time better when looking after your Facebook page, rather than keeping you desk-bound.

Another handy feature on Facebook is the ability to invite people to like the page that have interacted with your posts. Once more than one person has liked a post you put out, you can click on the ‘likes link’ to access a pop up that lists who liked the post and whether they also like the page or not. From this list you can click on the ‘invite’ buttons to invite that person to also like the page, increasing your Facebook followers.

If you are using Facebook post boosting or Facebook advertising, it is a handy way of ‘harvesting’ people that you have paid to target. After all, you paid to get that content in front of them so you may as well try to convert them into following your brand on Facebook as well!

Creating groups

Creating groups on your page can be useful to help you audience interact with each other as a like-minded group of people. People who opt in to groups that you run also gives you the ability to message a specific group of people. Groups usually work best where the reason for the group is a more specifically targeted subject matter. For instance, you could run a group for customers only such as a group for people who have taken part in an event you have run; or a group for allotment enthusiasts and another group for flower growers if you are a gardening brand; or for people to discuss aspects of training and technique if you are a gym; the list of possibilities is endless.

You can also create private groups – where only the members of the group can see the content published in there. This is useful if you put together focus groups trialling a new product, or if you have a media group who want to be able to discuss issues openly that might not be appropriate on the public timeline.

You can find the Group tab on the left hand side of your page.

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We are a no-nonsense digital marketing agency based in Derby. To learn more about how we can help you get results from your marketing, then get in touch. Please email us on [email protected] or give us a call on 01332 416555.

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Social media post boosting on Facebook and Instagram: Why and how?

Social media post boosting on Facebook and Instagram: Why and how?

How can I get more out of my posts on social media?

A lot of our clients ask us about adverts and social paid-for boosting. Is it useful? Is it expensive? How does it work?

Yes, social media boosting is a great tool and has been proven to work in reaching new audiences that can often be hard to find using only ‘organic’ means of finding them. All you need to do is to get your target audience right to avoid spending money needlessly on people who aren’t likely to lead to a sale.

Facebook and Instagram advertising are linked up, and this makes your advertising efforts on these two platforms easier and more consistent between the two. Boosting social media posts is not especially expensive and can target a wide range of people according to the demographics that you choose.

You can advertise on Instagram via Facebook Ads Manager and Business Suite by either choosing to boost a post from within Instagram that will then hop you into Facebook Ads Manager to set it up and pay for it, or you boost a post from within Facebook and check the box ‘Run promotion on Instagram’ to run the same creative across both platforms.

When boosting you can choose between boosting a post to “people who liked your page and their friends” or to “people you choose through targeting”. Choosing who to target is a really effective way of reaching out to people through location, interests, demographics, relationships status, spending power etc..

Here are 3 tricks you should take into consideration:

  • Use an eye-catching image with little or no text, people are more likely to interact if they like your post or are interested by its content. Facebook also penalises images with text by either not showing them at all, or charging you more for the privilege!
  • Find posts that are already doing well, and boost them. If you have a selection of posts you want to test out, then make multiple audiences and see which audiences respond the best to your paid-for posts. This will help hone down the people most likely to convert.
  • Be flexible in your approach. If your post doesn’t get any engagement, try to change it or just pause the spend and move onto something else. Putting more money behind a post that is not creating clicks, likes or sales won’t make it successful. Be prepared to learn through experimentation and you will soon find that you start to understand your audience better.
Social Media Post Boosting

A key difference when boosting posts on Facebook and Instagram

Part of the reason for boosting posts is to also increase audience engagement organically. Organic engagement is not paid-for and so is more valuable to a brand. When a posting is being boosted and attracts a lot of likes and comments, it is best to keep on replying to comments, inviting people to like the page and generally keep the conversation going. This way there is more chance for that post to also reach a larger organic audience at the same time which makes the most of your ad spend.

However, there is one key difference between boosting posts on Facebook and boosting a post onto Instagram. When boosting onto Instagram the post doesn’t appear on your normal timeline. In this sense, it means that once the ad spend is over, then the post disappears forever.

Because you don’t get to ‘keep’ that post in your timeline, it also means that your regular organic audience doesn’t get to see all the likes and comments the post received, which lends itself to your online popularity. So if budgets are tight, then think carefully about spend on Instagram. It might be that with a little more effort put into hashtagging on Instagram you can create more buzz on this platform that you would get by paying for it.

Measure your Results

In order to know if an online advert has been successful you need to measure your success. This is essential.

  • See if the traffic on your website has increased
  • Did you get more followers, likes and shares since the advert launch?
  • Have sales and enquiries increased?

On Facebook you will be able to see how your boosting on this platform has had an effect in the ‘Insights’ tab at the top of the page (and it will include the statistics from Instagram too if you boosted onto there at the same time).

As well as an at-a-glance view of how many people were reached and how many engagements you got for your spend, you can drill into each post individually to examine how well certain posts performed. If you have multiple audiences that you have been testing out, you will also be able to see if one works better for your brand than another, helping you with learning to understand your audience better. This kind of observation helps you in other areas of your business when putting together your sales messaging. For instance if your female audience responds better than your male audience even though your product isn’t gender specific (for instance you might be a restaurant, but it is mainly women booking tables for themselves and their spouses), it can help you in dealing with the tone of messaging in your wider marketing efforts

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We are a no-nonsense digital marketing agency based in Derby. To learn more about how we can help you get results from your marketing, then get in touch. Please email us on [email protected] or give us a call on 01332 416555.

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Growing your following on Instagram

Growing your following on Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for celebrities and beauty bloggers. It can be a great way to show off the lighter side of your business and help you reach new audiences.

For many businesses, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are where they limit themselves when it comes to promoting themselves on social media. That’s a shame, because despite its associations with fame and glamour, there’s a lot more to Instagram than initial impressions might suggest.

That’s not to say using Instagram for promotional purposes doesn’t have it pitfalls – and we’ll be outlining those in a later article – but used right, it has plenty of benefits for your brand.

It’s all about image

Instagram is all about beautiful photography and interesting images, and that gives lots of businesses a real chance to shine. Of course, this does depend on your business but as an example, if you run a B&B or glamping site in the countryside, you’re likely to have stunning scenery around you. Use this to your advantage and let your snaps sell your business through the power of imagery. If you run a restaurant, take photos of your most mouth-watering looking dishes, and post them preferably just before lunch time when stomachs are rumbling!

Expand your footprint

Instagram has a cool factor and for many people, it may be the only social media channel they engage with. By using Instagram to promote yourself you’ll get a wider online audience reach, enabling more people to see your great products and services.

A loyal following

Once you’ve gained a loyal following by getting your tone right on Instagram, good engagement should follow. If your followers are intrigued by the products and services your business offers, they are likely to comment, like and re-post images from your feed.

One of the great business applications of Instagram is that it allows people to see your products used by real people, and the hope is that your product’s users will post photos of your products in use, tagging your business. This means that your audience is even larger, their friends will see these images, who then may repost onto an even larger audience. It’s a never-ending snow ball effect.

A great example of this is our client Mr Fothergill’s. At Gravity Digital we run the Mr Fothergill’s Instagram account. The majority of our posts are re-posts as the platform has a large gardening collective who enjoy sharing their allotments and progress. Often if they’ve used Mr Fothergills products in their garden, they will tag us and we get to share it, showing how wonderful these products are in real life situations.

And relaaaax

One of the reasons why people engage with Instagram is that it’s a more relaxed platform than others. This allows your business to show a bit of personality. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are more formal but with Instagram you could, for example, take a snap of your team enjoying a zipwire experience on a team-building day. Using the app like this is a great way of showing users that you are real people behind the business, not just robots.

A bonus to doing this comes when recruiting new employees, as they are likely to look for you online, through your website and social media channels. When they notice that you enjoy a sociable work environment, they are likely to be interested in vacancies you can offer.

Keeping it real

A new feature recently added to Instagram is called live stories, a very similar concept to Snapchat. Real time stories allow you to directly engage with your audience. People can ask questions about your products and discover in real time what new ranges are.

Getting to know your followers

You can use Instagram as a business page. This allows you to connect with your Facebook business page and gives your account a different appearance. It offers easy access to your email, phone number and directions. Users can click on any of these buttons and the action is easily carried out for them.

The clicks on these are also monitored in the insights part of the app – these are similar to those shown on Facebook, offering you the opportunity to see which posts work well with your following, therefore helping you gain a larger audience. Plus, it offers the demographics of your follows to ensure you are attracting the people you want.

It’s all about promotion

As Instagram is linked with Facebook, it allows you to promote posts and pop on timelines of those who don’t follow you – yet. This will enable you to reach a wider audience and gain further engagement on posts, similar to the effects Facebook adverts have.

Keep collecting

Instagram has a collections feature that is ideal for gathering groups of Instagram accounts that you like and interact with. The feature keeps these all in one place so they are easy to find. You can also save posts you like the style of, which you can then use later as an inspiration for your own feed.


The newest feature on Instagram is the archive facility. This is an area on your account that only you can see. Here, you can archive any posts that may not have performed well but you may like to keep for posting at a later date. Or, you can keep them so that you can check them again later and try to work out why they didn’t perform well.

So, Instagram, as we have seen, can be a great app to engage with for your business. It can boost your profile and reach people you didn’t before. However, nothing is without its downside. In our next article, we will be outlining the pitfalls of Instagram so that you can reap all the rewards without any of the negatives.

Happy Instagraming!

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We are a no-nonsense digital marketing agency based in Derby. To learn more about how we can help you get results from your marketing, then get in touch. Please email us on [email protected] or give us a call on 01332 416555.

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Hashtags: a help or a hassle?

Hashtags: a help or a hassle?

Social media can be a scary enough place for a lot of companies and hashtags just add even more anxiety to this new-found territory. However, they play a vital role in each of the social media channels and if used correctly, they can be very beneficial in gaining a larger, engaged audience.

Hashtags are hyperlinked, so when a user clicks on a hashtag they will be taken to public posts that include that specific hashtag. This is valuable for any business, especially small businesses as it can push your content out to a wider audience, helping your company gain further online visibility.

You can also use hashtags to find your online audience, seeking out those that are likely to actively engage with your social channel and company. Plus, they are free and you can’t ignore free advertising!

However, there are some areas you need to tread with caution. Sometimes hashtags can be very misleading. We’d like to think social networks are a censored place but if you put #TastyTuesday (in relation to a restaurant) into Twitter you’ll often get shown tweets you probably don’t want popping up on your work computer. I’ll say no more.

Another example of how hashtags can fail comes from McDonalds. They coined a hashtag for their social media to engage their audience and encourage people to share memories relating to the fast food chain. The hashtag they created for the campaign: #McDStories. Back in 2012, when this hashtag was pushed out by the company, the responses they received were overwhelmingly negative, as many users took the opportunity to complain about their McDonalds experiences. Some posted that they vomited after eating in the restaurant and others mentioned finding waste products like fingernails in burgers. Even animal rights activists, PETA joined the hate party towards McDonalds, using the hashtag to claim that they didn’t use real chicken in their nuggets and burgers. Within two hours the promoted hashtag was removed. So, before coining your own hashtag for a campaign, be sure you put plenty of thought and research into it, it could save your company a whole lot of embarrassment!

So, with all this in mind, here are a few quick tips we’d like to offer you for when you are using hashtags on your company social media streams, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Be geographically correct

Using hashtags for your geographical area can be beneficial as it will gain followers in the correct area and users will engage with businesses that are in their local area. So, there’s no point using hashtags from areas that aren’t related to your company, otherwise you are just going to gain a useless following and people may enquire about services that aren’t available in their area. This idea works for all the social channels – so ensure you’re geographically appropriate.

Use an appropriate number of hashtags – don’t overload your followers

Be sure you don’t use an excessive number of hashtags, as it may irritate those that already follow you. The unofficial rules for hashtag frequency is different for each channel.

For Twitter, filling your tweets – which only allows 140 characters – with 10 hashtags, takes focus away from your content and can make the message you’re trying to deliver very unclear. Stick to two or three and ensure they are relevant.

In terms of Facebook, hashtags are relatively new and people choose to only use a small amount, like Twitter. We would suggest around 2 or 3 hashtags per post.

Finally, on Instagram, hashtags are very important. There is a technique, used by many professional bloggers and “Instagrammers”, to increase following and engagement. Use 3 strong hashtags, in your original post comment. Then comment on your own image with further hashtags that are relevant to the content and the image you’ve posted out. This will then be hidden as users scroll through their feed, but it’s still associated with your page and post, bringing more users to your Instagram page without it looking spammed with hashtags. Foolproof!

Be hashtag appropriate

Don’t use hashtags that are unrelated to your products or services, people are likely to be disappointed when they find your post. You may be tempted to add in popular hashtags, particularly on Instagram as this is a great way of gaining reach and engagement. By adding hashtags that aren’t related, your engagement and reach isn’t doing you any favours – instead it’s just attracting bots and users that aren’t interested in the quality goods or services you have to offer.

Be aware of “social hours”

People from all areas of business, lifestyle and leisure, use social media for different purposes, a lot of these areas have their own hashtag social hours. For example, in the digital marketing world you can find the hashtag #HootChat. If your business is in this sector, then it offers the perfect opportunity to get involved and talk to your target audience. Offering advice, tips and generally chatting to them. Of course, this takes up time, so it’s important to have someone available for that allotted time each week, ensuring you keep a good presence on the hashtag.

Hopefully these few top tips will guide you on your way to using hashtags appropriately and effectively across your company’s social media channels. If you need any extra pointers, give us a call.


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We are a no-nonsense digital marketing agency based in Derby. To learn more about how we can help you get results from your marketing, then get in touch. Please email us on [email protected] or give us a call on 01332 416555.

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Gravity Digital named FSB’s Microbusiness of the Year (East Midlands)

Gravity Digital named FSB’s Microbusiness of the Year (East Midlands)

Derbyshire-based digital marketing agency, Gravity Digital, is celebrating again today after being named the Federation of Small Businesses & Worldpay UK Microbusiness of the Year for the East Midlands. The five person strong firm will now wait to hear if they will scoop the National Award, when all the regional winners in the UK compete for the prestigious title, at a ceremony on May 10 2017.

This award comes hot on the heels of Gravity Digital’s national Rural Business Award where the company was named the best Rural Creative or Media Agency in the country last October.

Owned and run by two directors, Andy Smith and Sharon Steven-Cash, the company provides a complete suite of digital marketing services for over 100 clients including household names like Mr Fothergill’s and Heck, as well as SMEs.

The FSB’s Head of Partnerships and Events, Juliette Brown explained why Gravity Digital has received this accolade:

“Congratulations to Gravity Digital on achieving the FSB & Worldpay UK Microbusiness of the Year area award for East Midlands.

“We received a high number of entries this year, therefore to have been selected as an area winner for this category is a fantastic achievement. What stood out for the judges was the impressive turnover based upon the excellent retention of high profile clients.

“With growth targets already having been achieved, zero client attrition and a clear strategy that has already won them awards, Gravity Digital are worthy winners of this area award and we wish them every success for the future. FSB are excited to be celebrating the successes of Britain’s SME businesses and celebrating their successes on both a regional and national level.”

Gravity Digital Director Sharon Stevens-Cash said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been chosen as the East Midlands’ Microbusiness of the Year. We work hard to deliver the very best digital marketing programmes for our clients and for this to be recognised is pretty amazing. We are known for being down to earth and results-centred and this award is a testament to our hard working team and honest ethos.”

Gravity Digital, based at the Mill, in Lodge Lane, Derby and at Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, was launched in October 2015 following the merger of two long standing Derbyshire-based firms – Essential Marketing Solutions and Out of the Blue, a specialist web design company.
With more than 100 clients, a 100% client retention rate and with the three Directors dedicating at least 100 hours each year to voluntary causes, the digital marketing firm is well known in the East Midlands.

Now into its third year, Gravity Digital has continued to grow and is already expecting to exceed their turnover targets again this year. Sharon concludes:

“We believe that the reason we are successful is because we offer a practical, no nonsense approach to the digital marketing world that cuts out jargon and offers businesses a way to measure and monitor results. We’d like to thank all of our loyal customers for their ongoing support and we look forward to working with them, and other East Midlands’ firms, in the future.”

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We are a no-nonsense digital marketing agency based in Derby. To learn more about how we can help you get results from your marketing, then get in touch. Please email us on [email protected] or give us a call on 01332 416555.

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Breakfast with Benefits – reflections over canapés

Breakfast with Benefits – reflections over canapés

Getting up early on a Tuesday morning, for a slap-up breakfast with some of the very best people that Derby has to offer, usually means there is a Marketing Derby Bondholder event somewhere fabulous.

This morning was slightly different for Gravity as it was our Bondholder Breakfast we were getting up early for. This meant getting up before day break to set things up, and having to wait until it’s all over to have our own breakfast.

So, we just wanted to take a step back and reflect on today’s event.

Way back in September last year we went for a drink with our friends at Cactus Images and decided to hold a Bondholder event. When we got in touch to ask, the ever-efficient Lindsey at Marketing Derby told us we could hold an event but that it would be at least six months away.

‘Great!’ we thought, “That gives us plenty of time.”

Now, we all know that a busy plumber always has a leaky tap at home. And so it goes that a busy marketing agency never has time to market themselves properly, so the planning started in earnest just a few weeks ago. We probably shouldn’t say that, but it’s said now.

Since then it’s been all hands-on deck. We’ve brought our kernel of an idea for an event to life and given it structure.

Once you have structure, you then have a very busy schedule of things to do. This has seen us agonising over parcel tags versus little boxes, brown bags over white bags, twisted handle or not… Then stamping 120 bags, ordering fortune cookies, getting in touch with clients to ask for items to give away in the goody bags, coming up with a fabulous tips and tricks generator, meeting with Morley Hayes to discuss the selection of canapés and the layout of the room, sourcing a screen and thinking about the logistics of the order of play; as well as breathing life into the presentations we wanted to deliver on the morning itself.

But we are really pleased to say that today was a great success. The fact that so many busy people took the time to come and listen to find out more about us and Cactus Images has been overwhelming. Thank you to each and every one of you for your time, we know how precious it is to you.

More than 100 people arrived at Morley Hayes on a beautiful misty spring morning and that already made our day. We started the morning by serving our guests with a selection of breakfast canapés and we have to say that the atmosphere in the room as people mingled with each other was inspiring.

As anyone who has had to speak in public will know, not knowing how your audience will react as you take to the lectern can turn the steeliest of characters into a paranoid mess. So seeing how warm and friendly the people in the room were this morning, helped us to step up and deliver what we hope will be food for thought, packed with tips and tricks.

We came up with the name of Breakfast with Benefits for the event, partly because we thought it sounded cool, but also because it truly matches our ethos. We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing by our clients and we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with others where they might find it helpful.

Being a small business we often come across the same problems repeatedly. Often clients have placed their digital marketing elsewhere (and usually with much bigger businesses than our own) and the relationship has soured as expectations have not been met. So we have had to fix websites that have dropped all of their Google traffic, we’ve had to revive social media accounts that have been left to whistle in the wind, we’ve had to analyse marketing tactics that have been put in place that have leeched money. Usually, we also must seek out usernames and passwords that have been lost somewhere along the way.

So, we wanted to help people to help themselves by imparting some advice. We’ve seen a lot of crazy things and so we feel in a strong position to be able to do this. We might not win your business today, but we would be happy if we have given even a handful of you an ‘Aha!’ moment that will help you figure out some answers to some of the problems you might have been facing.

As a parting shot, go and check out our fabulous digital marketing tips and tricks generator. Not least of all because Andy at Gravity worked all weekend to make it for this event!

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We are a no-nonsense digital marketing agency based in Derby. To learn more about how we can help you get results from your marketing, then get in touch. Please email us on [email protected] or give us a call on 01332 416555.

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How To Get Free AdWords Money for Charities

How To Get Free AdWords Money for Charities

As a charity, it can be difficult to get the recognition you deserve. Many of your efforts can go unrecognised and this can result in losing funds, as people simply don’t know about your charity and its great work.

Marketing helps put your charity in full view, ensuring that people know who you are and what your charity stands for. Marketing activities often come with a price tag attached, and of course this represents a large expense that many charities cannot afford. But, did you know that Google provides grants for charities that are looking to raise awareness of their organisation? This article explores how you can get free advertising with Google AdWords to help with your digital marketing efforts.

Google AdWords is well known to anyone that uses Google search to find information on the internet. The paid-for results come at the top and bottom of Google search pages. Ads placed here give advertisers a greater chance of being spotted in the thousands of results that are available.

Advertising on AdWords enables you to target specific people through filters such as location and interests. Being able to choose like this helps you to reach out to the people that may be looking to support charities like you, but that may be unable to find you through searches or social media.

Specifically for registered charities, AdWords provides grants for a guaranteed amount of spending per month. Offering up to $10,000 per month worth of AdWords spending, this is an opportunity that every charity should be taking up. There is some leg-work in setting it up, and then maintaining month-in, month-out, but taking the spending part of the budget out of the equation this makes this a risk-free marketing exercise to experiment with.

At Gravity Digital, we recently set up an AdWords account for the wonderful charity – Just for Dogs. As our chosen charity of the year, we designed their new website in October 2016, and seeing what AdWords could do to help boost marketing for the charity was the next logical step to promoting the charity online.

Just For Dogs rehome dogs that have been abandoned or can no longer live with their owners. We designed a campaign that centres around helping find dogs a home as well as supports the fundraising Just For Dogs does to help with their running costs.

Specifically targeting those in the Derby, Leicester, Staffordshire and Nottingham areas we have been able to significantly increase traffic to the website and the number of enquiries into the Centre as a result.

Margaret Smith, owner of Just for Dogs expressed how happy she is about her new online presence; “WOW! Thank you for continuing to help JFD grow via the website. I’ve had lots of telephone enquiries already as a direct result. Onwards and upwards.”

So, all great news!

If you are a charity and wish to find out more about how we can help you get free adwords funding from Google, please get in touch.

We did mention that there is some leg-work involved in setting all this up though… Read on!

The process of setting up a Google not-for-profits AdWords account is long and fairly complicated. You must first verify your charity status through an online donation programme called tt-exchange. This requires that you submit annual accounts, your Charity’s mission statement and give HMRC details to prove your status as a registered charity. This process in itself is enough to put off many who might like to give this a go.

After this step is completed you move onto setting up a new master Google account – even if you already have a Google account, you will need to start afresh. Creating a G suite account is the first step, in order to make a fresh account under which to set up your new AdWords account. If you have experience of AdWords, then these charities AdWords accounts are unlike the normal process of getting set up. This is a process that is very prescriptive and if you take a step wrong, then you will end up footing the bill. So proceed with caution.

When you have your AdWords account set up, you must then connect it to your Nonforprofits account. You then start to go through the process of setting up your first AdWords ad groups following the on-screen prompts. If you are not familiar with AdWords already, this can be a fairly daunting series of screens to work through.

For those who persevere, the rewards are immediate and make all the effort worthwhile. The traffic to the Just For Dogs website trebled overnight. You will likely see huge gains from this for your charity website too.

Once AdWords is set up, it needs to be continuously altered and monitored to ensure it’s being used to its full potential. Having an experienced AdWords user sitting at the computer every week monitoring and trimming the ads that have been put together is the best solution, but if you are an eager amateur that is willing to learn and wade through lots of help files, then you can also handle this yourself. The aim is to cut out ‘bad searches’ that don’t match the nature of your charity, and to optimise the account around the ads and search phrases that best serve your organisation. All of this is more of a science than a black art, but you do need to have a keen interest in detail and keeping on top of user behaviour to get the most out of your ‘free money’.

If you’re looking to get an AdWords account for your charity but aren’t entirely sure what it can do for you, here is a breakdown of how it could directly help your charity succeed further:

  • Deliver greater brand recognition online in a crowded marketplace – which in turn can get more response for donations and fundraising.
  • Increase website traffic – offering the best platform for people to find out about your charity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Directly target those who you believe are likely to care about your charity and what it stands for – helping you to find those who are enthusiastic about supporting you.

If you are a charity looking for further assistance with your digital marketing or considering setting up an AdWords account, then look no further because we know just how to help you. We’ve experienced the pain of Google Nonforprofits and now want to help you avoid experiencing it too!


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The Importance of Professional Headshot Photography

The Importance of Professional Headshot Photography

“Nottingham Trent University has finally seen the light and is replacing really awful photos taken on a web cam for security passes, with ones taken by an in-house photographer. Staff are now seen to look professional and competent . Bad photos are as bad if not worse than typos in corporate marketing. Even our students get to use the professional photographer for their LinkedIn pictures now (you should have seen the terrible ones they choose – ones with other people in for example!)”

Rebecca Goodall MRICS –  Senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University


Ask a photographer what they think about the importance of professional headshots and they will probably express their despair at all the bad photographs out there.

The first thing I would ask someone who questions whether a professional headshot is necessary is “would you allow the person building your extension at home to build your companys website?”  Each of these jobs are skilled professions in which the person has hopefully gained years of expert knowledge and experience in doing the job to a high standard.

A set of professional photographs of you, your staff and your products, along with your website, branding and social media are all parts of your PR toolkit. If you really want your business to succeed to it’s fullest potential, why would you be satisfied with a sub standard toolkit with worn out, shabby old tools that simply don’t do the job anymore? Particularly when it’s highly likely that your competitor has a set of shiny new spanners.

If you’re considering doing your own (DIY) headshots, you can see clearly from the examples here the huge differences when comparing a DIY shot taken on an iPhone, and a shot taken by me with professional kit. Even though both shots are taken in exactly the same office one is clearly suitable for professional purposes, the other is definitely not.

If you’re thinking of using a photograph you already have, you know, just for now, until you get something sorted…..your self styled photo says to potential clients “I couldn’t be bothered to get a proper one done”….so what does that say about how you perceive your own business, and in turn how they will? Unless the job you’re looking for is “sunbed monitor” or “snowboard tester” it’s perhaps best not to have a full body shot of you on holiday or partaking of some kind of sporting activity, because quite frankly, nobody cares if your carving is awesome dude, potential clients care if you look approachable, capable and literate.

As an experienced professional photographer, I’m well aware that the majority of people don’t enjoy being photographed, I’m one of them. When I had my own headshot done, I asked my friend who is also my assistant to take the photograph. She knew exactly how to relax me, how to position me and took the photo quickly and efficiently so the experience didn’t drag on. The saying “throw enough mud and something will stick” really isn’t the way to go when you’re trying to make a good impression on LinkedIn.

Here are a few reasons why a professional headshot is vital, as opposed to a pouting selfie or “that really nice picture of you at last year’s Christmas party”:

  • Do you have a best side or a worst side? A good photographer can hide or accentuate these sensitive features, giving you a photograph you’ll be proud of.
  • A professional has the right equipment and lighting. Would you know what lens is best to use for portraiture and at what aperture to separate you from the background?
  • They will have creative ideas about locations and experience in how to use natural light effectively.
  • Whilst the basics of a headshot are the same, i.e. a clean, sharp, well lit, head and shoulders portrait, the photograph for a personal trainer should be approached differently to that of a solicitor in terms of clothing, background and posing.
  • You get what you pay for, shopping around for services is always a good idea, but with professional photography, you always get what you pay for. Headshots are an investment which you’ll be able to use for a period of time, so invest wisely.

So, if you’re at the point of considering using the services of a professional photographer, remember, never underestimate the power of your portrait.


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