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Embers Heating Studio

Embers Heating Studio: Website Design and Social Media Management

Embers has many years of specialist experience in fireplace design, with a reputation for high-quality products and service across Derbyshire.

Embers Heating Studio has grown significantly in the last few years and with an increasing client base, it was important that their new website not only reflected the high-quality brand and service, but also to generate new clients and expand their brand reach.

The site is now a true representation of the dynamic and personal service provided by Embers Heating Studio. Using a consistent style and tone, creating a soft and warm vibe throughout the website and on social media.

Our goal was to design a fresh and innovative website that was easy to maintain and helps to inform potential clients, whilst improving Embers online presence. Our site design was custom-built, enhancing the existing content management system, future proofing the site for further growth.

Gravity also manages their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook platforms and as a result of consistent posting, has developed the brand’s digital footprint, making the online community aware of the high-quality products that Embers have on offer.

Embers Heating Studio Website