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HUUB: SEO and AdWords campaign management

Multi-award winning HUUB Design create quality triathlon clothing and accessories.

Their products are renowned for improving triathlon performance and maximising triathletes’ potential from beginners to professional level. With forty years’ experience, HUUB Design are constantly developing new technology, creating quality products for individuals, businesses and elite athletes.

They have been named the “Best Triathlon Wetsuit Brand of the Year” by 220 Triathlon Magazine, four years in a row. In addition to this, their wetsuits are leaders in the market, winning 220 Triathlon Magazine “Best on Test” regularly, due to their high quality and attention to detail. HUUB have links with Gordon and Tana Ramsey for their GTR100 race and the Jenson Button Triathlon.

Gravity Digital provide ongoing SEO and AdWords management to help HUUB maximise their online audience. Social media management and strategic planning are further attributes that we provide to HUUB, we work alongside their retail marketing strategy to ensure the marketing as a whole runs smoothly.

Additionally, Gravity Digital provide email marketing, A/B testing and interface design to help strengthen HUUBs web presence.