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NWG Network: Website Design & Photography

The NWG is a UK wide charity tackling child exploitation and wider exploitation through a network of practitioners, researchers and policymakers.

Over a few years, NWG continually struggled with the organic growth their membership has experienced.  As they aimed to increase growth and be more accessible to a wider cohort of members, they found a need to develop and improve the method of digital engagement on offer. Another problem was as the website grew, the previous site became unstable, especially with the increase in membership numbers.

After discussing their needs and priorities, we came up with a solution for a new site that would encapsulate all their current content and needs, as well as future-proof their membership offering. The focus of the project was to enhance NWG’s Knowledge Hub, create a better more defined experience, focusing on different areas for member categories, making resources easier to access and to enable workspaces for online forums.

Another key focus for us was that the website needed to be maintained from a security and software point of view and would include daily back-ups for disaster recovery, security and software updates and hosting. This was due to the nature of the content and business.

Specific Requirements:

  • Automated Membership System
  • Resource Download Functionality
  • Membership Login Area
  • E-commerce
  • Knowledge Hub for Specific Users

We’re thrilled with the site we have created for NWG, not only is it visually stunning and is helping to drive new memberships, it has also enhanced their online offering for existing users.

“We truly believe this website will take the NWG online presence to the next level.”