19 February 2024

It’s just a bit of content

Social Media Content Creation Derby

Ever found yourself captivated by a blog, social media post or an article and wondered how they managed to draw you in?

Creating compelling content isn’t just about throwing words and images together; it’s an art requiring time, research and a good understanding of your audience.

Here at Gravity we use the latest HI (Human Intelligence). Our content creator Sarah Bulmer gets involved with all sorts of projects from creating social media posts and stand-out messages for print to writing technical articles for magazine publications and blogs.  We took a few moments to chat to Sarah about her role and the importance of content creation.

Why is creating content important?

Think about it – what made you click on this blog? The image, the text or both? Content creation kicks off right there. The human brain processes images an impressive 60,000 times faster than words – faster than the blink of an eye! It’s safe to say first impressions matter.

As a content creator my role is varied – from writing technical in-depth articles in the morning to designing email newsletters for a swimming pool in the afternoon.  Without content creation social media would be dull, articles wouldn’t be worth reading and businesses would struggle against competition. It’s the backbone of all our marketing, injecting purpose and keeping us all on our toes!

Where do you get inspiration from?

Everywhere. Books, magazines, social media and chatting with the Gravity team. Communicating with clients is the key inspiration. Knowing their background and aspirations really helps to achieve great content for their business and what really matters is creating content that works well for them.

How do you stay up to date with trends?

A daily dip into social media, monitoring engagement and feedback. Our SEO whizz, Eliza, shares insightful Google trends and keywords which really helps too.  Knowing top hashtags and reading tips from fellow content creators keeps me in the loop with trends.

How do you handle creative blocks?

The dreaded writers block – every creative’s nemesis. I’ve learned not to panic – it happens to the best of us. I try and tackle it head-on, whether it’s drafting a plan of action or jotting down a few key points. A lot of ideas strike when I’m away from my desk, walking my dog or cooking dinner! When that lightbulb moment pings into action it’s very exciting and I look forward to turning ideas into reality.

HI vs. AI?

AI has become very popular in our evolving creative world, enhancing anything from music to writing at the click of a button. I believe AI has its place, yet lacks any human emotion and this is where HI takes the lead in this realm. Content creation thrives on conveying human emotions through text and imagery and without this advantage HI keeps the crown.