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Google Ads Management

Creating a Google Ads or Pay Per Click Campaign (PPC) is considered to be one of the most advanced advertising platforms available and is a great way of reaching out to a targeted audience.

Gravity Digital is a certified Google Partner for Ads management, and we provide ongoing Google Ads administration for new accounts, that we set up for you, or will take over and manage existing accounts to ensure you are making the most out of your budget. We also provide detailed monthly performance reports, so you can see what changes have been made along with recommendations on the next steps.

Once an account has been set up the key to its success is to ensure that it is closely managed and professionally run with ongoing changes and tweaks in response to click activity.

PPC advertising is the quickest way to increase your website’s visibility in search engines for targeted campaigns and can be a great way to source new business and maintain your position, especially when it is carried out with organic SEO (search engine optimisation) maintenance.

It is worth noting that not all PPC campaigns are created and managed equally. The difference between a low performing and unprofitable campaign and a closely managed and profitable PPC campaign can be huge. Having a large budget doesn’t always mean you get massive results, the magic happens when the campaigns are designed well, have a relevant landing page and that the adverts are well-designed and worded correctly.

Gravity Digital’s PPC management services are designed to ensure you get the best return on investment through a process of constant testing and refinement.

Gravity Google Ads Management process

Firstly, we would want to understand the audience you are targeting and if there are other specific requirements such as; location, languages, promotions etc. The next steps would then be to:

  • Create the Google advert text
  • Help with optimising landing pages
  • Tracking conversions
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Google Ads budget management
  • Competitor analysis and research
  • Monthly performance reporting.

Gravity manages monthly Google Ads campaigns and PPC budgets from £400 to £30,000 and anything in between.

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We are a no-nonsense digital marketing agency based in Derby. If you’d like a quote for Google Ads management, please email us on [email protected] or give us a call on 01332 416555.

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