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Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the beating heart of every business. Marketing done right will build profitable relationships with existing customers and will find you new customers.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is a term that refers to promotions and campaigns put into effect through channels such as exhibitions, PR, billboard and print advertising, radio and TV. Traditional marketing techniques have been in use by businesses all over the world for many years. A marketing budget is typically understood to revolve around ‘marketing spend’ on ads that have known rate cards, or through PR stunts or public events.

Professional marketers are responsible for the planning, execution and delivery of a company’s whole profile across all these channels to raise the profile of a business and seek out new customers.

Where does digital marketing fit into a traditional marketing plan?

Digital marketing should be integrated into marketing strategy alongside traditional marketing channels. It should not be silo’d or bolted on and it needs to occupy a place in the marketing budget too.

To create an effective digital marketing strategy you have to be an ‘everyman’, which means drawing upon traditional marketing techniques. You need to have public relations skills, marketing management experience and direct marketing tactics for the communication capabilities that are vital to operate digital marketing channels effectively.

Digital marketing and traditional marketing need to also operate side by side with one voice, and they should not conflict with each other or operate as if the other does not exist.

Do you need help with your marketing?

If you don’t have a marketing plan, we will create one for you. If you have a marketing plan you are working to but need guidance, we can take an impartial look at it to see where improvements can be made. If you are unsure how digital marketing fits in with your marketing strategy, we can walk you through your options.

Every marketer starts with some basic questions;

– What do we want to achieve?

– How does this sit with our marketing policy?

– What should we be saying and how should we be saying it to our customers?

– What are our customers seeking?

– Where are our new business prospects?

– How do we attract their attention?

And, perhaps, most importantly;

– What are our competitors doing?

And so if you find you can’t answer these questions easily, then maybe we need to talk. At Gravity, we always focus on customer needs, thinking creatively, planning pragmatically and are dedicated to achieving measurable results.

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