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We can help you define your social media goals to define the right tools and approach for your business.

Create, post, engage, repeat.

One of the most daunting things about social media can be creating lots of interesting and fresh content all the time. Social media is a hungry beast and your audiences are listening.

Creating the right words, graphics, images and video are things that we do on a regular basis for businesses, and trying to keep them fresh and relevant can be a challenge. But we love a challenge.

Although the messages change for every post, the tone of voice should always remain the same throughout.

Having a strategic approach to social media content ensures that it ties in perfectly with your wider marketing objectives. If you are not clear how you will use social media, then we can help.

Publishing content on social media helps you to actively push your company on these channels, but you also need to look at your website and make sure you have integrated your social media within your website too. This ensures consistency and your audiences will reward you for this.

Outlining a social media content strategy will help you decide the tone of voice for your brand online, who will resource the channel and whether this is during UK office hours only or whether you will go for it 24/7.

A strategy will also help you to decide what you expect to get from these channels. It is too simplistic to expect that by posting once or twice a day will lead to a big upturn in sales for your company. If a lift in sales is what you are chasing then the strategy should help you to define exactly how you will achieve this.

Consider all the relevant social media channels in your content strategy too such as Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok and use the ones that you are most comfortable with – it will make it a whole lot easier if you enjoy the interaction.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media

SEO focuses on site structure and content, it is also strongly influenced by link building from authoritative sources. Some social media channels can effectively contribute to link building and is a valuable means of content discoverability for brands.

More subtly, social media can contribute to keyword strategising; it can also inform businesses on reaction to content or products to help businesses to shape relationships with their customers.