What we do

At Gravity Digital, we build long term relationships with our clients which really drives value out of the relationship. We often continue to work with companies many years after initial projects are completed, working as part of a marketing team as if we were directly employed. We provide help, support and additional ongoing marketing provision, and we keep our eye on what's new so that you don't have to. Our full range of marketing services include:

Digital Marketing Services in Derby

Digital Marketing

This is a broad, but relevant, term which incorporates everything your brand and company does online. Website Design, Social Media Management, SEO and Email Marketing all fall under the realm of digital marketing, and it is having a solid background in all these techniques and many more that will make your business' digital marketing strategy robust. We don't do digital marketing, we do marketing for a digital world.

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Responsive Website Design in Derby

Website Design

We pride ourselves on developing some of the best bespoke websites around. We can say this because we analyse and understand how websites are used. This means that every website we create looks great and also performs to its best ability. Our websites are easy to navigate, because they are designed and programmed for the user, not for the client, and not for programmers. For solid web design for your business, give us a call.

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Search Engine Optimisation in Derby

Search Engine Optimisation

Use of SEO techniques to improve your website's standing with important search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can seem a dark art. It's not magic but it is amazing what results you can get when you apply the right techniques. Our knowledge of SEO is unrivalled and we know how to get the attention of people passing by!

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Social Media Management and Training in Derby

Social Media Management

Many people can feel left behind with social media, but there is no need. Social media is a recognised marketing tool and is something that we should, as brands, take very seriously. We can design social media campaigns for you, and we can also provide social media management to make sure you get the most out of the channels you are using. Social media is no longer something we can pick up when we have time, to be effective it has to be confident, consistent and considered.

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Marketing Strategy and planning in Derby

Marketing Strategy

Having a marketing strategy that sits in line with your business strategy is essential to ensure you spend marketing budgets wisely. We create and help to deliver marketing strategies and plans for a number of business. As with our digital marketing we measure and report everything we do to ensure you are getting the most out of your marketing and meeting your business objectives.

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Email Marketing in Derby

Email Marketing

Although many have sounded its death knell, email marketing is not dead! We create and deliver email campaigns to targeted audiences. Every e-newsletter, e-shot and e-communication is individually designed for your company. We don't use standard templates, we design the email to fit with your brand and your objectives. We also provide full reports on performance and click through rates to show you just how effective your email communications are.

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Email Marketing in Derby

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites work 24 hours a day serving your customers. Whether you're selling a handful of products or have a catalogue of thousands of different items, when it comes to selling online you need to have an ecommerce website that performs like your best salesperson. Therefore, as well as looking good, the design, shopping basket and checkout process have to be user-friendly.

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