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We specialise in advanced search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.

Searching for the engines.

Cuddling up to search engines is vital for visibility and ultimately commercial success (try Googling it…), and as daunting as it may seem, we can steer you through the clouded maze of techniques, to ensure your business gets noticed.

Search Engine Optimisation is often portrayed as one of the most complicated parts of producing a website and many SEO ‘experts’ do nothing to explode this myth. If you follow Google’s recommendations on the structure of your website, think about what people search for when putting together your content and don’t break any rules, then your website will normally appear in the major search engines within a few days of being launched.

Getting indexed by Google is simple, the devil is in the detail though which is where a lot of clients then turn to an SEO specialist for help. To raise your existing website higher in search engine results pages, there are a number of elements to cater for. The main influences on your Google ranking is the way the website has been produced, the content on your website and what it is that you are selling. In addition to this a major influence is how competitive your marketplace is.

How we can help

Keyword analysis, creating baseline performance indicators, linking up Google properties, performing SEO housekeeping and verifying websites with search engines are all quiet behind-the-scenes techniques we employ to raise your website’s organic search engine performance.

We always work hard to create meaningful audit points on client’s websites in order to track clicks on search engines, email links, submissions of enquiry forms or attributing sales from shopping baskets back to AdWords to show the effectiveness of campaigns.

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In order to provide users with the best quality content, search engines such as Google raise rankings for websites that are quick and are updated regularly. A higher ranking increases your site’s visibility, which increases the likelihood that your content appears when your potential customers search for relevant keywords. We’re not just about building websites; we’re full of digital success stories with an SEO-powered punch. Our team excels in crafting websites that dominate search engine rankings. Elevate your online presence and captivate your audience with a website that reflects your brand, and stays ahead of the game.

Taylormade Machinery

E-Commerce, Google Ads, SEO, Website Design

Taylormade, a family-run business, prioritises exceptional customer service and professional support. We revamped their website for a premium e-commerce experience, leading to increased sales and brand visibility. The focus was on standing out locally while boosting online presence for key brands.

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Gravity Digital - Web Design DerbySEO Agency DerbyTaylormade Machinery Website shown on PC Screen and Laptop - a website design by Gravity Digital
Client Testimonial
We have just sat down and done our sales figures, we have never had a busier or more profitable month to date. I believe a lot of that is down to the work you and your team have been doing.