What We Do

In today’s high pressure digital business landscape, you could be forgiven for thinking that success is simply a matter of cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms. And of course, you’re right. Almost…

But at Gravity, we never forget that all this science and wizardry is both created by – and aimed at – people.

So, whilst we always keep our team at the very forefront of technology, we also make sure we invest as much time and effort into developing strong relationships with you, our client, because we find this develops understanding. And understanding helps us work with you, rather than for you. There’s no algorithm for that, and it’s why we keep so many of our friends – sorry, clients – for so long!

There is so much we can work together on;

Web Design in Derby by Gravity Digital

Web Design

The core of our business has always been website design (because today, your website is the core of yours), and everything we develop will be entirely bespoke to you and your needs. Simple and eye catching, or complex and technically agile, our determination to build the site you need will astound you.

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Digital Marketing

Although our knitting skills need work, when it comes to bringing together the varied strands that comprise an effective digital marketing strategy, the team at Gravity has few peers; the breadth of our experience makes us an ideal partner for a one-stop digital solution.

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Email Marketing Company in Derby

Email Marketing

When it comes to finding new clients, a scattergun approach just won’t do; at Gravity, templated email campaigns have no place in our plans - each and every e-newsletter, e-shot and e-communication is thought through and built to reach your ideal prospect. After all, their needs are as individual as your offering, and a perfect match is always a good start!

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Social Media Management

Business is business, but your clients are people too, and a tailored social media campaign can provide vital engagement between them and your brand on a daily basis. We will work tirelessly to enhance and broaden your brand’s relationship with the wider commercial world.

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Ecommerce Websites

A 24/7 sales team (no tea breaks required!), your ecommerce website never sleeps or stops promoting your business. We’ll work with you to make sure the design, shopping basket and checkout process all help your website win employee of the month, time and again!

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Google Partner in Derby - website Design

Google Ads Management

Google Ads can reach your clients, whether they are up the road or Down Under, and we’ll work tirelessly with you to ensure that everyone you want to know about you, gets to!

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Internet Marketing Company Derby

Marketing Strategy

Having a marketing strategy that sits in line with your business strategy is essential to ensure you spend marketing budgets wisely. As with our digital marketing we measure and report everything we do to ensure you are getting the most out of your marketing and meeting your business objectives.

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SEO Search Engine Optimisation Company Derby

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Cuddling up to search engines today is vital for visibility and ultimately commercial success (try Googling it...), and as daunting as it may seem, we can steer you through the clouded maze of techniques, to ensure your business basks in the sunshine of exposure!

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