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We provide social media management that utilises your social channels as part of your wider digital goals including online PR and SEO.

Protect your reputation and grow your audience.

If you can resource your social media in-house, then our advice is that you do so. Not many companies are able to keep up the momentum and this is where we can step in.

We handle social media management for many businesses across the UK in all sorts of sectors and we keep a close eye on the latest trends, conversations and opportunities for you.

For many businesses, outsourcing social media management can save a business time. We seek out and engage with your audience in meaningful ways to ensure the new followers that we do attract are looking for your business and aren’t just making up the numbers.

Talk to us about what kind of social media solution might be right for your business.

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Show and Tell

We can also adopt a tandem management/training route where we work alongside in-house personnel for a number of months before handing over the reins. We find this a more effective way of ‘showing not telling’ to our clients than a one-off training course as the nuances of communications on social media channels can be so varied.

Surtal Arts

Social Media

Surtal Arts create wonderful educational experiences and cross-cultural productions that enrich lives through arts and cultural events. Each year they work closely with other organisations across the city of Derby to bring together an annual Lantern Festival that attracts thousands of people and hundreds of participants including schools and community groups.

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Thank you so much to Gravity for being responsive, precise and a pleasure to work with. We couldn't achieve what we do without your expertise.