Sharon Stevens-Cash

Digital Marketing Agency Derby - Meet the Team

I am a proud partner of a great digital marketing agency based in Derby. We are very lucky to have a wide base of clients and also a great team here at Gravity. Our ethos is simple – be honest and create digital marketing solutions that help customers get results.

In terms of my background, I am a marketing specialist and our agency creates websites, SEO, AdWords campaign management, digital marketing and social media. Our expertise helps companies navigate their way through the online noise so their customers can hear their voice.

One of the most important things, at any time but especially now, is to get the message right. I have many years of experience in managing messages through the good times and the bad. If there is one thing I have learnt, it has to be to listen to people – your customers, your staff and your peers.

Digital Marketing Agency Derby - Meet the Team
Digital Marketing Agency Derby - Meet the Team

It’s people who create business opportunities, it’s people who help businesses to grow and it is those people who will help us to reach our goals. My marketing experience is built from years behind a desk, but also making connections with people and building effective marketing messages around ambitious brands.

Stay focused, be honest and keep it simple.