28 September 2023

Threads: A shiny start, but what’s next?

Threads: A shiny start, but what's next? - A blog by Digital Marketing Agency Gravity Digital

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, new platforms emerge like shooting stars, each promising to offer new and exciting ways to connect with people and brands worldwide.

Threads, a promising newcomer, burst onto the scene with a bang (and the weight of Meta behind it), and we were all alerted to the fact that it achieved an impressive 100 million sign-ups in its first 7 days. However, despite its initial buzz and a loyal following among some key brands, the question lingers: has Threads met an early decline, or has reality set in that the hype didn’t quite match reality?

There’s no doubt that Threads was a breath of fresh air in the social media universe. Gone were the usual chaotic timelines of endless scrolling, Threads offers a much more organised approach to sharing content with engagement at its core. With Threads, content becomes a breeze to digest through threaded discussions, creating a virtual conversation-like experience that lets us connect on a new level.

This unique approach to social media has got the Gravity team thirsty for more, here’s what we love about Threads:

  1. Streamline the Conversation – Threads simplifies chatting without feeling lost in the crowd. It’s a go-to for deep dives in content, lively debates and engaging Q&A sessions, especially from big brands.
  2. Collaboration Paradise – Brands and users thrive on Threads, using it for meaningful discussions and collaborations. Long-form content and genuine interactions? Sign us up!
  3. Escape the Noise – You can take charge of your experience by cherry-picking the threads you want to follow, putting an end to information overload.
  4. Community Wonders: Threads has amazing niche communities where people with shared interests can connect. It allows brands to discover dedicated fan bases in these spaces.

Big tech titans like Apple and Google embraced the platform to foster discussion about their latest innovations, and updates and engage with the tech world. In other industries, fashion forward brands Gucci and Adidas have found a home with Threads, allowing for in-depth conversations about trends, sustainability, and style tips. Despite the multitude of things to love, Threads has faced challenges, which in turn seems to have limited its user base from growing any further:

  1. A Bit Too Complex? – While the threaded style format is as neat as a pin, it can leave some users scratching their heads. If you’re used to the simplicity of mainstream platforms, it takes a little bit of time to get the hang of it.
  2. Nothing Instant Here – Threads excels in deep conversations, but it’s not your go-to for quick, casual chats. It just doesn’t scratch that instant gratification itch.
  3. Where is Everyone? –  Discovering new stuff is a bit tricky. Threads relies heavily on followers, making it a challenge for newbies and brands to get noticed on the big stage.
  4. Big Players in the Game – Threads has to face off with the big dogs of social media, who keep adding Threads-like features, making it harder to stand out from the crowd.

The question on our lips is ‘Will Threads meet an early end?’ We hope not! Some users and brands continue to find value in it, especially niche communities. We’re sure that Threads will remain a haven for meaningful conversations, away from the noise of the mainstream platforms. Threads is an exciting newbie, which has caught our attention with its unique approach to online interactions. While it might not be the social media superstar we thought it’d be, it’s found a comfy spot in many hearts.

It’s hard to deny though that Threads isn’t having a hard time maintaining a user base, suffering a drop of about 80% in the volume of user traffic after the first month. Threads’ journey reminds us that not every new platform can dethrone the social media giants like X (cheerio to the friendly blue bird), Facebook and Instagram. But while Threads might not take the throne, it’s still the spot where some of us love to chat, collaborate and more. Meta is working on stabilising the platform and adding new features to retain users, but is it a little too late?

What we can say is that we’ve seen social platforms continue to ride the popularity wave through rough seas. Take X for example, despite branding changes and a lot of recent upheavals, there are still around 100 million daily users spending at least 25 minutes a day on the platform

So, what’s next for Threads? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – it’s quite the ride!